What we do

  • BSS System Integration & Consulting Services

    Our Team is experienced in all stages of Solution Delivery Projects. We can staff your teams or execute complete stages end-to-end for you.

  • Billing & Rating: Ti-Rate

    Ti-Rate is designed with the requirements of the new digital age. It can be delivered as a product, or can be provided as SaaS. It is easily scalable and easily configurable, using technologies like Erlang and Node-Red.

  • Telco Solutions

    Our experienced Telco BSS experts are ready to listen to your needs and devise a solution that would exactly deliver what you want to get.


    Our team is experienced in testing Software. We can execute Unit Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing for you.


TI-Rate – billing and real-time charging platform


Energy and telecom companies need absolutely new business solutions, ready to continuous adaptation. TI-Rate brings flexibility to make the process of transformation as fast and cost-efficient as possible.

High Concurrent Load handling, Scalability and availability

Modern Billing systems for medium and large business are required to work under heavy load with maximum availability. Ti-Rate was designed to fulfil this criteria: Nodes in clusters, Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), Fault recovery, Monitoring, Code upgrade in runtime.

Easy System and Product Catalog configuration

All system and business configuration, including Product Catalog, is managed by Flow Building Framework initially designed for IoT. That is why billing and rating processes are built, not coded, which makes them readable, understandable and easy to modify.

DevOps-like support

Configuration and business processes definition is done with Node-RED (no coding), infrastructure is maintained by the Cloud. Running, maintaining and operating Ti-Rate is actively supported by the system itself.

Multi-tenant support - Cloud ready

Multi-tenancy support allows to run several businesses on the same billing system. No need to start separate instances of all applications in order to achieve the goal. All businesses are fully allocated, independent and isolated. Together with the Cloud readiness, multi-tenancy gives a possibility to BaaS (Billing-as-a-Service)

Pluggable business schemas

Ti-Rate supports pluggable business schemas that allow to extend business needs on the same billing system. No extra billing systems and cross integrations required. Ti-Rate pluggable schemas help to extend business needs cheaper and faster.

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Who we are


Billing & Rating Solution, available as deliverable Product and as SaaS.

True Item established.

Independent BSS consulting company.

Team Inception in an international BSS vendor

Local System Integration Team for the BSS replacement project at a Ukrainian MNO. Later moved on providing customer support and staffing swap projects locally and on-site abroad.


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24 Moskovskaya str., office "A"
Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 (063) 845 37 46
True Item LLC

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