Our Team

True Item Team consists of Billing & Charging experts with vast experience in System Integration, Customer Support, Delivery Project Management and Customized System Development. The team has extensive on-site project execution and client facing experience throughout all project stages, from requirement gathering to post production support.

Our Values

Customer comes first – and we mean it.

We operate with a high sense of responsibility and duty. We never leave the customer alone in the face of problems. We always, always listen to the customers and deliver what truly matters to them.

Never swerve from Quality – no matter the cost.

We take pride in what we do and that we do it with world-class quality. Whether it is Products or Services we deliver to you, you can count on the quality.

Never compromise our Integrity – even for the biggest gain.

We are true to ourselves, to our partners and to our customers. We are TRUE Item! No prospect of gain can make us compromise neither Quality nor Customer Orientation.