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billing platform.

Business needs flexible and scalable solutions to move faster and stay competitive.
Ti-Rate is a billing and online/offline charging platform, developed to automate different types of business.

Ti-Rate was developed to cover following challenges:

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Ready to scale:

Multi-tenant approach

Wide control of users and their access points allows them to provide dedicated views for MVNO, so that they will work only with their own authorized data.

Cloud-ready solution

System can be installed on a modern powerful standalone server (classic approach) or in private cloud, or on a set of virtual machines, or in public cloud, or even on multiple heterogeneous old hardware and virtual machines mixed environments.

No service interruption

With Smooth Changes Delivery, Erlang's scalability, Self-control and a Sandbox approach you will forget about unnecessary restarts, service interruption, maintenance night shifts.

Ready to save OPEX / CAPEX:

Save on hardware: run anywhere.

System is implemented in the Erlang language and is designed to work on any Unix/Linux machines with nearly unlimited scalability. Instead of buying new modern powerful hardware it’s possible to add several servers and let the system use them as one cluster, even if they have different hard- and software parameters.

Save on environment: test directly on Production.

With System Auto Tests and a Sandbox approach it is convenient to make a first round of tests automatically before delivery, then deliver changes to Production Sandbox without worrying that real Production users will be affected yet. With this, you can save on set up and maintenance of multiple extra environments.

Save on Operation: no worrying about the system.

With System Auto Tests and a Sandbox approach you can save on a number of environments. Regular activities on regression testing become easier and self-automated, so it’s possible to involve less people to perform them. Applying changes on fly without service interruption (Smooth Changes Delivery) help to avoid regular night shifts and maintenance windows.

Let the system care about itself.

Self-monitor and Self-control system will always give you processing power, so that services continue to be provided. Smart System Manager gives a clear view on processes, pools, threads, connections and queues, a possibility to manage all of them, and smart self-managing options that automatically tune your environment for the best performance.

Ready to automate your ideas:

Do not waste time on coding from scratch.

Marketers do not need developers to set up and test pricing.

Do not limit your business ideas with technology.

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